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4 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

The increasing number of aged people in America has resulted in a nursing home inhabitants that was growing. Because of this, many families are now faced with the choice to transfer an elderly relative into a nursing home. Nevertheless, it is necessary that the patient’s family and friends understand what the signs of nursing home negligence may be to be able to safeguard their loved ones in the hands of their caregivers from neglect.

One of the very common forms of negligence is leaving a bedridden patient in the exact same position for a very long time. This can result in the creation of bedsores as a result of unrelieved pressure on the patient’s body. Because of this, move or nursing homes have to regularly turn those patients who cannot move on their own. Failing to control patient bedsores will not just lead to avoidable distress, but can easily lead to the creation of life threatening medical conditions. Because of this, unexplained bedsores are a common sign of nursing home neglect.

Poor Patient Hygiene
Failure to do so can result in the development of skin, fingernail and genital diseases. As with bedsores, this kind of neglect can result in serious discomfort, injury and death that is avoidable. During a visit, the family should carefully observe the cleanliness of their room and the individual.

Weight Loss
Many nursing home patients endure avoidable weight loss because of the failure of the nursing home to make sure they receive an adequate and balanced diet. Improper diet can make the patient vulnerable to disease and can result in an avoidable death. Poor nutrition is particularly common among patients with cognitive disorders who are not easy to feed. When seeing a patient, the family should know about any sudden and sustained weight reduction. This really is especially significant when the individual is unable to effectively communicate together with the family. Such weight loss is frequently caused by negligent staff practices.

Mental and Emotional Neglect
Among the psychological and more challenging to not discover physical negligence can get a major effect on the patient’s complete health. Neglecting to maintain an active and mentally engaging surroundings can add to the patient’s avoidable departure and can result in a number of mental illnesses. Families ought to be on the lookout for an unwillingness or listlessness to speak when they visit their family member. Oftentimes, this is often an indicator of psychological or mental neglect. Also, the family should make certain that the nursing home provides community actions and effective amusement for its patients. However, if a family believes that their loved one is the victim of nursing home practices that are negligent, it is crucial to immediately seek competent legal help.

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