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Data on Where Most Automobile Accidents Take Place

Sadly, they’re subsequently subjected to the risk of an accident in the hands of a negligent driver, which can result in damage to their care, harm or death. Nevertheless, in order to effectively protect themselves, it is important that passengers and drivers likewise know about the data on where most automobile accidents take place.

Where do Most Car Accidents Occur?
Generally speaking, although an auto accident can occur at any given moment and place, statistics on where most automobile accidents take place show that the three most common areas where a car crash will probably happen are the immediate neighborhood, parking lots, as well as the driver’s daily commute to and from work. Are these the areas where most motorists spend most of their time, but they are also the areas which are likely to see meetings with negligent or preoccupied drivers.

Driving Near Home
According to some insurance surveys, at least 52 percent of all accidents occur within five miles of the motorist’s dwelling. Additionally, residential areas might not have streetlights or traffic control signs, especially in old neighborhoods. Finally, drivers are most commonly in these neighborhoods at the beginning or ending of the workday, when their attention is likely to be distracted by other issues.

Parking Lots and Accidents
An extensive range of injuries happen in the parking lots in America. Low speed crashes are typical in these areas because many drivers are distracted. Furthermore, the presence of a significant number of pedestrians, a lot of whom aren’t paying attention to their surroundings, raises the possibility of an injury. While many injuries in a parking lot are not major, the potential for injury or death at the hands of a negligent motorist is a serious danger for pedestrians and vehicle occupants alike.

The Daily Commute
Most morning and evening commuters face busy roads and defeated or tired drivers. Due to this, auto accidents can be very common, especially during periods of inclement weather.
Data on where most car accidents take place reveal that a motorist should be mindful at all times when behind the wheel. However, should a negligent motorist cause an injury, then the victim should promptly get legal aid that is proficient. This is particularly significant for instances where an accident has resulted in severe harm or death. Due to this, it’s imperative that people who’ve been engaged in an accident immediately contact the law offices of Haug Law Group as a way to determine what their legal alternatives are.