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What are motorcycle accidents in Georgia?

What are motorcycle accidents in Georgia?

Like in any state in America, a motorcycle accident can occur in Georgia at any time. A motorcycle accident may involve a stationary object, another motorcycle, a passenger vehicle or a semi-truck. Close to 75 percent of all accidents that motorcycles are involved in take place with a passenger vehicle. These accidents can be devastating to all occupants, especially if the result is a fatality.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is typically the fault of the vehicle driver. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all motorcycle versus vehicle accidents can be attributed to the actions of the vehicle’s driver. One of the most common causes of a motorcycle accident is a driver turning into the path of an oncoming bike.

Because motorcycle riders are largely unprotected, many accidents result in severe injury or death. Most of these occur in accidents that take place in rural areas. Close to half of these occur on or just outside of curves. One of the primary causes of vehicle versus motorcycle accidents are that the driver of the vehicle does not see the motorcycle until it is too late.

Any person who is involved in a motorcycle accident that is deemed to be the fault of the other driver may be entitled to compensation under state law. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, you need the experience of an Atlanta car accident lawyer on your side. Reach out to our team for a free case evaluation to discover your legal rights and options.