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What are the main types of car accident injuries?

What are the main types of car accident injuries?

When a moderate to severe car accident happens, it’s likely that someone will be injured. And since there are many types of car accidents, there are many types of injuries that can happen. 

Car accident injuries can be anything from a scratch or bruise to a broken bone, whiplash, internal bleeding, or even a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Often overlooked, trauma and mental disorders are other important types of car accident injuries, too. If severe enough, a car accident injury can cause life-long pain and suffering. 

To claim an injury through legal action, the injured person must have strong evidence, including medical bills, documentation, prescriptions, treatment plans, a doctor’s written testimony, and more. A car accident lawyer will help you prove the negligence or wrongful action of the at-fault driver, causing your injury and compensating for your damages.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be one of the most serious car accident injuries, as it can go unnoticed. Some signs of internal bleeding are similar to other car accident injuries, such as dizziness, weakness in an area of the body, severe headaches, and more. If internal bleeding goes on long enough without treatment, it can be fatal. If you have any signs of internal bleeding after a car accident, seek medical help as soon as possible.

Neck Injuries

Since car accidents can cause sudden jolts, neck injuries are common. Signs of a neck injury can be stiffness, severe pain, numbness, shooting pain, dizziness, and more. Neck injuries that happen during a car accident include fractures, sprains, pinched nerves, and whiplash.

Chest Injuries

As a driver, you are sitting behind a steering wheel, which can come into contact with your chest in the event of an accident. Chest injuries are most often found on drivers after an accident, and they can include anything from bruised or fractured ribs to internal organ damage.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are among the most severe car accident injuries. A head injury can be as simple as a mild concussion, or you could sustain a severe, repetitive concussion. Other head injuries include a brain contusion (bruise), head wound, and more. 

Some head injuries can be life-threatening, traumatic brain injuries. They may include short-term or long-term side effects such as trouble sleeping, recurring headaches, and more.

Knee Trauma

A sudden jolt from an accident can cause a driver or passenger’s knee to painfully hit the dashboard, causing knee damage. Knee trauma after a car accident can be extremely complex, and a person may need braces, crutches, or even surgery to heal.

Shoulder Injuries

All parts of the shoulder, including the shoulder blade, collar bone, and upper arm are susceptible to injury during car accidents since they are a sensitive area of the body. After a car accident, a person may have a fractured or dislocated shoulder and need physical therapy to regain mobility.

Broken Bones

In addition to the above injuries, it is common to see broken or fractured bones after a moderate to severe car accident, including fractures of the arms, legs, hips, and more. When a person has a broken or fractured bone after a car accident, emergency medical help will be called right away.

Cuts, Scarring, and Bruises

Car accidents can produce a wide range of cuts, scars, and bruises across a person’s body. In many cases, these are minor. In other cases, cuts can be large gashes that cause major scars, and bruises can be deep and take a long time to heal. Scars can also happen after surgery to treat car accident injuries. Scars are taken seriously as an injury and can be claimed in a lawsuit.

Mental Trauma

While physical, visual injuries are usually the main focus, mental trauma after a car accident deserves just as much attention. After many severe accidents, those involved can experience serious mental suffering, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), loss of enjoyment of life, and other emotional stressors. 

It is difficult to sustain a life-impacting injury. All of the emotional pain and suffering that you experience as a result of the accident can be claimed in a lawsuit.

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