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Who is responsible for the care of a resident?

Who is responsible for the care of a resident?

In the city of Atlanta, there are a variety of professionals responsible for the care of a resident. The type of care and the professionals responsible for that care will be dependent upon the type of facility in which your loved one resides.

In some instances, nursing homes are set up in a similar manner to hospitals. Patients receive care from physicians, nurses and therapists. There may be different care providers on each floor, especially if those floors are dedicated to certain types of care.

In other cases, nursing homes are set up just like it sounds: like homes. These nursing homes may be staffed by nurses and aids, with a doctor visiting on certain days of the week or the care of residents left up to their primary physicians.

Any person that is responsible for the care of residents is held to a certain standard. While each of these people has different duties, they must perform those duties as expected. When a professional fails to provide the standard of care, it may constitute nursing home neglect. When this happens, the resident has the legal right to compensation for any harm that incurs.

If you believe that a loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact an Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyer experienced in this type of law. There are legal options available to victims and their families. No person should have to suffer at the hands of a medical professional they have entrusted with their care.