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Recovery for Wrongful Death Types

It is emotional when a loved one passes away. It can be made even more tragic when the person passed away as the result of someone’s negligence or as the result of a crime. When a person suffers a wrongful death, their family may be entitled to recover the value of their life in addition to various forms of compensation.

A family may be awarded economic damages. These are the financial losses the family may have experienced if the accident hadn’t occurred or the crime hadn’t happened. Economic damages can be calculated based on receipts and other documentation. These damages include medical and funeral expenses, loss of earnings, loss of benefits, and more.

Non-economic damages include recovery for mental anguish, pain and suffering and loss of are. These damages may also include loss of society, companionship and love. A spouse may also be entitled to loss of consortium. Punitive damages, or those meant to punish the defendant, may also be ordered in unique cases. In some instances, the family may be entitled to recovery of attorney’s fees spent on a lawsuit.

Any family of a person who has suffered a wrongful death should seek the advice of an experienced attorney. An attorney can review the details of the incident and help a family determine what they are entitled to under law. If you have suffered such a loss in Atlanta, an attorney can assist your family in taking the appropriate next steps.