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Brain Injury

In the city of Atlanta, a brain injury is any trauma to the brain that causes damage. Brain injury can occur to any section of the brain. Such an injury will be determined to be traumatic or acquired depending on its cause.

In personal injury law, a traumatic brain injury is one caused by a blow or jolt to the head. It may also be caused by penetration. In any of these circumstances, a disruption to the intended function of the brain may occur. An acquired brain injury is one caused by a medical condition or combination of medical conditions. A lack of oxygen during a surgical procedure, strokes and aneurysms are all examples of acquired brain injuries.

Any damage to the brain, no matter how it is caused, can result in an impairment of physical functioning or cognitive abilities. Physical impairment can include fatigue, problems with balance and seizures, among other issues. Cognitive impairment can include memory loss, poor judgment and trouble concentrating.

Because brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose with imaging and physical exam, they are often diagnosed based on the retelling of the trauma or event and through emergent conditions. Whether or not a person will fully recover from a brain injury is typically unknown, but doctors can provide some idea based on how quickly a person progresses following their injury. When a person fails to make progress toward recovery after a few days, the prognosis tends to be less positive than when a person improves quickly.