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Burn Case

When an accident results in a burn, serious injuries can occur. Burns can be devastating depending on their severity, causing pain and disfigurement in some cases. Extended hospital care may be necessary in some burn accidents. When medical bills are incurred as a result of such an accident, a burn case may be initiated in civil court.

Burn injuries frequently result from car accidents, though there are other causes. They may be incurred during a motorcycle accident, airplane crash or boating accident. People may be burned during a work incident or when products fail. Not all burns will result in a burn case. The degree will dictate whether or not a person can or will sue.

First Degree: These burns affect the outer layer of skin. They may result in a red, blotchy appearance on the skin or minor irritation. These typically heal on their own with a week. A common type of first-degree burn is a sunburn.

Second Degree: These burns permeate the outer layers of the skin. The result may be a blood-filled blister and may leave a scar. Some second-degree burns require skin grafts.

Third Degree: These burns cause damage to subcutaneous skin layers. These layers are the last protection of bone and muscle. Substantial scarring can result and serious medical intervention is necessary.

Fourth Degree: These burns are the most severe. They cause damage to the internal tissues and organs of the victim. These burns are often fatal.

If you or a loved one has sustained a burn in Atlanta as the result of someone’s negligence, you have legal rights. An experienced attorney can assist you in determining whether or not you are entitled to compensation.