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Personal Injury Claims

In the city of Atlanta, a claim for personal injury is one that seeks damages for financial losses due to an injury caused to the victim by another person, company, governmental agency or other entity. A claim for personal injury includes both the need to prove liability and the awarding of damages.

For example:

You are involved in a car accident and suffer injury as a result. The police find that the driver of the other vehicle made some type of error or maneuver that caused the crash. As a result, you contact an attorney and discuss your accident, your injuries and your financial loss. Your personal injury attorney helps you file a claim seeking compensation for the monies you have had to pay out or have lost as a result of your injuries.

A claim for personal injury in Georgia is subject to a statute of limitations. If you have been injured as the result of negligence, assault or battery, a defective product or a breach of liability, you have two years from the date of the injury to file your claim. If your injury stems from defamation, you have only a year to file your claim.

Due to the strict statute of limitations in personal injury cases, victims should consult with an attorney experienced in personal injury law. An attorney can assist a victim in determining whether they have the basis of a successful lawsuit, and can help in filing a claim for personal injury through the court system.