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Disc Bulge

In the city of Atlanta, victims of a traumatic event may be diagnosed with a disc bulge. Discs are located between vertebrae in the spine and are meant to absorb shock. When a disc swells through any part of the spine and out of its normal position, it is said to be bulging.

Bulging discs are not painful themselves. They typically go unnoticed, in fact, until they cause other issues. For example, a person may experience pain or numbness in the hands, fingers, shoulder, arms or neck. They may have trouble walking. A person with a disc bulge may experience pain the the back that circles the body, moving to the trunk or chest. Lower back pain and muscle spasms can also be indicators of a bulging disc.

There are many causes of a disc bulge. These include wear and tear, bad posture and even occupational hazards. Another common cause of disc bulge is trauma or injury sustained in an accident. A bulging disc is something that occurs overtime. That said, severe trauma can cause an already bulging disc to suddenly worsen. An accident can also cause injury to the spinal column which can ultimately cause a bulging disc.

Any person who is suffering with a bulging disc and believes it may have been caused by an accident should consult an attorney experienced in personal injury law. When a medical issue is caused by someone’s negligence, the victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and more.