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Disc Herniation

In the city of Atlanta, a disc herniation can be exacerbated by trauma or injury. Many people with a disc herniation do not know that they have an issue until that herniation causes other problems. When a disc herniation is made worse by an accident caused by someone else, the victim may have the legal right to compensation.

The human body is comprised of a spinal column, among other components. In that spinal column, there are discs between vertebrae that are in place to absorb shock. These discs can slip out of place or rupture. When the soft interior of one of these discs pushes out through a rip or tear in the disc, a person is said to be suffering with a herniated disc.

A herniated disc is not painful. This medical issue can cause other issues, however, and may be diagnosed due to signs and symptoms. These include pain in the arms or legs, numbness or tingling in the parts of the body that coincide with those nerves, and localized weakness. Though disc herniation is typically something that occurs over time, it can also be caused by trauma.

A person who experiences symptoms associated with a herniated disc should seek medical attention. Emergency medical attention is warranted when symptoms worsen, people who have difficulty with normal bladder or bowel function, or when there is a loss of sensation in the inner thighs and back of the legs. Treatment for a herniated disc depends on the location of the herniation and its severity.