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Negligent Security

What is a negligent security case


It’s an unfortunate reality that anyone can become the victim of a crime. A negligent security case falls under the umbrella of premises liability. When a person is injured through crime on the property of another, this type of third party case may arise.


A landlord or business owner has a duty to ensure that there are reasonable security measures in place on their property. Reasonably foreseeable crimes against visitors to the property must be protected against. When a property owner or landlord is negligent in providing security, they can be held partially liable for any injuries that result from a crime.


For example, a student cannot provide security on their campus, but the school can. A customer of a business cannot provide security for themselves, but the business owner can. An apartment renter may be able to provide security for their guests while in the apartment, but not in the common areas of the building.


When a person falls victim to a crime on the property of another, they may choose to sue the person responsible for providing security to the premises. In many cases, it is easier to locate the person who owns the property than the perpetrator of the crime.
If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in Atlanta and it can be attributed to a lack of security on a property, you may have the elements necessary for a successful lawsuit. An experienced attorney can assist you in filing a lawsuit.