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Slip and Fall

What is a slip and fall case?


When a person sustains injuries that can be attributed to another’s error or negligence, they may have the elements necessary for a personal injury case. In the case of slip and fall injuries, a person must be able to prove several points in order to be successful in court.


A slip and fall case begins when someone slips or trips on the property of another. That property could be a private residence, or it could be someone’s business. Just because someone falls on a person’s property does not mean they are entitled to compensation. To be successful in recovering damages, the victim must prove:


  • They slipped and fell on the property of a home or business owner
  • The slip and fall resulted in injury
  • The injury is a direct result of the accident
  • The property owner failed to maintain the property in a way that it was free of hazards.


When a person decides to pursue a slip and fall case in court, they may be able to recover specific damages. Compensation is typically paid for medical bills and any wages that were lost as a result of the injury. The person may also have a case for pain and suffering, loss of consortium and more.
When a person slips and falls and sustains injury in Atlanta, an experienced attorney can be of assistance in helping the person seek damages. An attorney can file the case in a local court and fight on behalf of the victim.