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There are few adults who have not heard of a will. The issue does not lie in not realizing that adults need a will, but in that many people don’t know exactly what a will does. A will can do far more than simply distribute your assets after your death.

A will can:

  • Name someone as the executor of your estate.
  • Provide a guardian for your children and your children’s property.
  • Determine how any remaining debts will be paid.
  • Provide for any pets that are left behind.
  • Backup a living trust.

A will cannot (or should not):

  • Put any type of conditions on the assets you distribute. (My daughter gets the house if she divorces her no-good husband).
  • Leave instructions for your funeral and burial or cremation.
  • Leave your property to your pet.

When you complete a will, you should have an idea of your assets. You need to understand what it means to leave property to people, and you must complete the will when you are in “sound mind.” The will must name people who will get at least some of your assets, and the will must be signed. When you sign the will, there should be witnesses present, and two of those witnesses should sign the will also.

If a loved one has been killed in some type of accident in Atlanta, a wrongful death attorney can assist you. An attorney experienced in wrongful death cases can help you take the necessary steps to ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are carried out.