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According to premises liability law, any property owner in Atlanta has a duty to protect the safety of individuals who come onto that property. The level of that duty depends on the relationship between the property owner and the individual.

For example, trespassers on a property are provided, according to law, the least amount of protection. Licensees are the next group. These individuals are divided into two groups: invited and uninvited. Finally, the last group is called invitees. These people are afforded the highest care under the law.

An invitee is a person who has consent to come onto the property, typically for some purpose that benefits the property owner. These may be members of the public, such as the case in a public business. These individuals may also be business invitees. They may be contractors, service providers or other individuals who are on the property at the request of the property owner to conduct some type of business.

As it pertains to licensees and invitees, the property owner must maintain their property in a way that is reasonably safe, correct any hazards that arise, or warn licensees and invitees of any hazards that exist before there is an opportunity to remedy them.

When an invitee is injured on someone’s property due to the owner’s negligence or error, the invitee may be entitled to compensation for injuries, property damage and more. Any person who has been injured on the property of another should contact an experienced premises liability attorney for assistance.