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Fractured Femur

In the city of Atlanta, a fracture femur is a break in the longest bone in the body. The bone is located in the thigh, and is the strongest one in the human body. Under normal circumstances, the bone is not susceptible to damage. It takes an extensive amount of trauma to fracture the femur.

Because the femur is so strong, fractures typically only occur in vehicle accidents or falls that result in severe force when the body hits the ground. When a femur is fractured after mild trauma, it is normally because there is an underlying condition affecting the bone, such as osteoporosis. A fractured femur can be incredibly painful.

Symptoms of a femur fracture include pain, leg deformity, swelling, bleeding and immobility of the leg. Blood loss may lead to shock, bone fragments may exit the skin, and the leg may be rendered unusable. Because a fracture to the femur typically results from severe trauma, it is not unusual for other body parts to be injured in conjunction with that traumatic event.

To repair a fractured femur, doctors may cast the leg or perform surgery to repair the damage. The exact treatment that is used to repair the bone depends on the severity of the fracture and the treatment that is used to fix any other damage to the body. Doctors will consider treatment methods that are nonsurgical and surgical before deciding which to use.

When a person experiences a femur fracture as the result of a car accident, they may be legally entitled to compensation for their medical bills and more.