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False Claims Act

The False Claims Act in Georgia is designed to help reduce fraud when companies knowingly avoid obligations or file false claims to the state or local government. The law was originally put in place to reduce fraud in Medicaid but has since been expanded to include any law or obligation that individuals, companies, and organizations have.

This law allows any private citizen to pursue a case when they believe a fraudulent action occurred, whether they are an employee of the company doing the action, a member of the organization doing the action, or just a neighbor with reason to believe someone in their community is doing the action.

The False Claims Act provides protections from retaliations from a whistleblower’s employer and a small incentive in the form of a percentage of the award settlement. Settlement awards can be up to three times the amount of monetary harm caused, in addition to a hefty fine.

Anyone who needs assistance after facing retaliation for whistleblowing in Georgia may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney.