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MCS 90?

The Federal Motor Carrier Act of 1980 dictated that any motor carrier who crossed state lines for hire commerce must show proof of financial responsibility. That financial responsibility must be equal to or greater than what is required by each state. Proof of the responsibility can be shown in several ways.

One of the ways that a motor carrier can prove that they purchased insurance through the standard market is with the MCS 90. The paper serves as a guarantee that the carrier has insurance and will have a source of funds to pay for any loss for which it or its employee is at fault. An MCS 90 serves as a guarantee to a victim that they will suffer no financial loss if they are involved in an accident with a truck and it is deemed that the truck driver was at fault.

An MCS 90 can be a confusing endorsement for those outside of the trucking industry. It is important to understand that MCS 90 is, itself, not insurance coverage. If you are involved in an accident with a truck and the driver attempts to provide you with this document as insurance information, it is not. It is simply an indicator that the motor carrier is covered by insurance.

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