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In the city of Atlanta, paralysis may occur as the result of a spinal cord injury or damage to the nervous system. When a person loses muscle function to a part of the body, they are said to be paralyzed. Specifically, they may be said to be partially paralyzed or completely paralyzed depending on the severity of the loss.

Paralysis may be localized or generalized. That is, it may affect one part of the body or a large section of the body. The type of paralysis and the area in which it occurs is the result of the location and type of injury. In people who experienced lower body paralysis, for example, the area affected is below the area of trauma or injury to the spinal cord.

People who experience paralysis typically experience other health conditions. Pressure ulcers, loss of bladder and bowel control, and a decrease in or loss of sexual function may all occur separately or in conjunction with one another. People who are paralyzed often experience psychological trauma as well. Depression is a common condition among those who have been rendered paralyzed.

When a person is paralyzed due to an accident that was not their fault, they have legal rights. If you or a loved one have experienced paralysis after a vehicle or other type of accident, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney for more information about your right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more. You should not experience financial difficulties because of someone’s negligence or error.