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Whistleblower Policy

A whistleblower is an employee who reports an employer or someone else in the company for illegal activity.. This employee is called a “whistleblower” under law as a way of identification and protection. When a person files a complaint against an employer due to criminal activity, the employer is not legally permitted to retaliate against that person by demoting them, terminating them or otherwise “punishing” them.

For example, John knows that his employer is embezzling funds from the company. He brings his concern to his supervisor who does nothing to remedy or repair the situation. John then makes a formal complaint to the police who conducts an investigation and arrest his employer. John’s employer demotes John to a position that is well beneath his level of experience and reduces his salary. This is illegal based upon whistleblower policies.

John could hire an attorney and sue his employer for violating this policy. If John could prove that his employer demoted him or adjusted his salary as a retaliatory measure, John would have a successful case.

If you have filed a complaint with the police based upon known or assumed illegal activity in Atlanta, you are protected under whistleblower policy. Your employer may not take any type of negative action against you simply because you filed a complaint, whether or not that complaint was based on fact and found to be accurate. An experienced attorney can assist you.