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Whistleblower Statute in Georgia

In short, O.C.G.A. §45-1-4, the Georgia Whistleblower Act, protects public employees from retaliation when they disclose potentially illegal or non-compliant behavior on the part of their employer. This includes violation or not fulfilling obligations to any federal, state, or local law.

The illegal forms of retaliation companies are not allowed to take against employees include being fired, suspended, or demoted because you reported a potential violation of the law. Companies will often try to skirt these protections by claiming other reasons for the adverse reaction, particularly in at-will employment states like Georgia.

A causal relationship needs to be demonstrated between the adverse employment action and the complaint or disclosure. The exception to this rule is if the disclosure is shown to have been made with “false and reckless disregard,” a loophole designed to discourage employees from carelessly making accusations. This law was passed in part to reduce fraud and waste in state programs.

An experienced attorney can assist anyone who has been retaliated against after whistleblowing in Georgia.