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How to Stay Safe on an E-Scooter in Atlanta


How to Stay Safe on an E-Scooter in Atlanta

If you listen to the radio, then you’ve likely heard about the recent deaths due to reckless driving on birds – the popular e-scooters found on many streets in Atlanta. The fact that young adults – some as young as 20 years old – are losing their lives is heartbreaking, and we want to do something about it.


We recommend avoiding driving birds on the main traffic streets of Atlanta and sticking to places such as the Belt Line instead. However, if you need to ride a bird on the main streets, here’s how you can ensure you are safely sharing the roads with motor vehicles.


Follow the Laws

In response to the rising deaths due to e-scooters in Atlanta, laws have been passed limiting the hours of the day one can be out on their scooter. The time restriction law went into effect August 9th and forbids riders from driving scooters on the streets of Atlanta between the hours of 9pm and 4am. In addition to the curfew, e-scooter laws forbid riders from exceeding 15mph, and a limit of 8mph on some portions of the Beltline. “The largest e-scooter companies in the U.S. place the responsibility for accidents on the user alone as part of their rental agreements” (VOOM). The majority of scooter riders don’t know about this part of their agreement. We encourage riders to pay attention to the regulations and laws surrounding your scooter and to abide by them.


Download the Bird App

Bird’s smart phone app provides riders with instructions on things like how to wear helmets, to avoid sidewalks, and how to park their scooter. The app provides riders with video tutorials on the proper way to ride a Bird, including details on how to place your feet, where to ride, and wearing your helmet. The app has a section specifically for safety, stating that “the safety of riders and members of the community is our obsession here at Bird.” The app is a great tool for Bird riders, and something we strongly recommend all riders download on their phone.


Understand Your Scooter

Just like all machinery, reading the manual before use is always recommended. You wouldn’t hop behind the wheel of a car without learning how to properly drive the vehicle, would you? The same goes for e-scooters. Read up on what your scooter is capable of (speed, brakes, turn radius) and how to properly drive your scooter. Not only should you know how to properly drive your scooter, but you also need to think twice before hopping on these machines if you are not completely sober. Scooters may look like a shiny toy but, considering the amount of injuries and even deaths inflicted on scooter riders, they need to be used with immense caution. Drive sober!



Your safety is of utmost importance to us. If you have been in an accident or injured while on an e-scooter, contact Haug Law Group immediately! Our team is here to provide you with a free consultation with any of our qualified personal injury lawyers. We will fight for you and your safety!