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I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver: What Next?

Drunk driving accidents claim the lives of over 10,000 people a year. It is a crime, and anyone caught driving under the influence (DUI) is more likely to be at fault in an auto accident. If you were involved in a car accident involving a drunk driver, there are several steps to take to ensure you are compensated for what you have experienced.

Step 1: Call the Authorities

You need to call the police immediately following an accident in general, but it is imperative that you notify the authorities if your accident involved a suspected drunk driver. This is crucial to your case because it guarantees that your accident will be documented, which you will need in the future for filing insurance claims or lawsuits. What happens when you don’t call the police regarding a drunk driver is that the drunk driver will be behind the wheel again, and your evidence for the accident, damages, and/or injuries are not accounted for.

Step 2: Gather Information

After being involved in any type of accident, it cannot hurt to get as much information as you can. The information you should attempt to gather includes: the drunk-driver’s license, their insurance information, phone number, witness information, and photos and videos of the damages of all vehicles involved. In this time, it is common for conversation to occur. While that can be helpful, it is also common that fault is wrongfully admitted. When exchanging information with those involved in the accident, do not admit fault

Step 3: If Injured, Seek Medical Attention

If you are going to file a lawsuit, you need to seek medical treatment for the injuries you are suffering. Directly following the accident is best. You may not feel pain right after the accident, but that does not indicate that you have no injuries. It is important to keep track of all medical professionals you see (doctors, chiropractors, exams, etc.) because having medical records following the accident will benefit you in the long run for getting compensated.

Step 4: Hire an Experienced Attorney

Hiring the right attorney can be a hard process if you do not know much about lawsuits. Prior to contacting your insurance company, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney for legal advice. There are many levels of compensation to be accounted for, and receiving the proper and correct advice before filing a claim is the route to take. Your attorney is responsible for getting you the representation and compensation you deserve.

Drunk driving is a crime. If the driver was in fact, intoxicated, at the time of your accident. They are likely to be found responsible for the damages you have faced. Our team at Haug Law Group is here to provide you with a free car accident consultation with a diverse group of qualified personal injury lawyers following your accident. You deserve to know your rights as the victim of a drunk-driving accident, and we are here to help you defend your case.