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Texting and Driving Car Accident Statistics in Atlanta Georgia

Georgia is fast developing and as such, its roads are getting really busier by the day. This is good because it leads to economic growth and more investment opportunities; however, it also leads to more frequent road accidents. Recently, a research by the NHTSA shows that more avoidable accidents are recorded periodically and most of which are as a result of driving and texting.

Why is Texting a Problem?

It is a major form of distraction. Taking one’s eyes off the road can have severe consequences irrespective of whether it to read or to type a message. Even if you think reading short texts are harmless while driving, bear in mind that from there you will also assume that it is also harmless to type and send short text too. The texts will continue to get longer with time and this will continue to diminish your concentration on the road. This then puts everybody around you in danger including other motorists and pedestrians.

Who is Most at Risk?

a report by the NHTSA suggests that this texting and driving menace is common among teens and young adults, particularly the inexperienced female drivers. More so, men below 5 years of age are not likely to sustain sever injuries. As people grow older, gender plays a vital role. Notwithstanding, anyone in or around a driver who is driving and texting is at risk of being involved in an accident.

What to Do After an Accident Involving Texting

Receiving proper medical attention before any other thing is vital, not minding if the accident was caused by a driver that was texting behind the wheels. This is because serious injuries may be incurred as a result of the accident. Employing the services of an expert accident attorney is recommended. Their job is to get out the deserved compensation for all emotional, mental as well as physical injury. The attorney has the responsibility of filing the case and in most cases, you may not have to be present in the courtroom for you to be adequately compensated. All questions and clarifications should be directed to your attorney.