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What are RV accidents in Georgia?

What are RV accidents in Georgia?

People take to the roads in all types of vehicles for road trips and more. One of the most popular forms of vacationing with the family or touring the states is aboard a recreational vehicle, or RV. There are a variety of vehicles that are classified as RVs: toy haulers, pop up campers, motorhomes and camper vans are all included. It stands to reason, then, that RV accidents in Georgia are not uncommon.

There are no special permits required to operate an RV, despite the vehicles being more difficult to handle and maneuver. The only thing required to drive an RV is a valid driver’s license and the driver being at least 21 years of age. One of the top causes of RV accidents in Atlanta and beyond is inexperience. Other causes of accidents include speeding, distracted driving, rollover, failure to stop, poorly balanced loads and larger-than-normal blind spots.

It has been estimated that there are about 26 fatalities each year due to RV accidents. Some of the injuries sustained in RV accidents include: bone fractures, spinal injuries, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury and paralysis. If you have sustained a severe injury in an RV accident, your medical bills could mount quickly.

Any person who is involved in an RV accident due to someone’s negligence has the right to compensation. If you are involved in such an accident in Atlanta, an experienced RV accident attorney can assist you in filing a lawsuit within the statute of limitations.