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Delivering the Compensation You Deserve

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Backed by a proven record of successful verdicts and settlements, our firm is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. With our results-driven approach, we are always prepared to litigate if that’s what it takes to ensure our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

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Notable Case Wins Include

Recovery: Verdict $30,000,000.00

Description: Following an accident, the victim, a 45-year-old woman, sought medical attention at the ER for a seat belt abrasion on her lower abdomen. The medical team’s cursory examination failed to detect severe internal injuries, including a perforated bowel, seven broken ribs, a fractured clavicle, and a fractured back. The oversight proved fatal, culminating in sepsis and an untimely, painful death. Covered in the Daily Report.

Recovery: Settlement $2,000,000.00

Description: Case involved premises liability where two brothers were injured by a fallen limb. With Haug Barron Law Group’s experience and diligence in preserving evidence and calling on subject matter experts, the Plaintiff was compensated for their sustained injuries. Covered in Trial Guides.

Recovery: Verdict $1,060,000.00

Description: Case involved a plaintiff whose primary care physician failed to meet the requirements of the standard of care by failing to treat the client. The doctor disputed all liability and the case went to trial in Cobb County. The case resulted in a plaintiff’s verdict for James Haug’s client. Covered in the Daily Report.

Recovery: Settlement $1,000,000.00

Description: This case involved a non-emergency transport company that was contracted to transport a patient with MS. The patient was a married mother to three loving children, but, sadly the negligence of the transport company led to a fall from a wheelchair lift and ultimately her untimely passing. The victim’s family retained Haug Barron Law Group shortly after her death. We secured the necessary evidence and secured a settlement of one million dollars.

Recovery: Settlement: $350,000.00

Description: With James Haug’s representation, a plaintiff who suffered neck and back injuries in an accident with a DUI driver recovered $350,000.00 in compensation. James’ ability to win punitive damages for his client helped make them fully compensated.

Recovery: $325,000.00

Description: Plaintiff was hit by a distracted driver. The driver’s defense fought liability and alleged that our client had a pre-existing back injury, making them ineligible for compensation. The plaintiff’s case was proven to be both an aggravation of a pre-existing injury and indeed a new injury to the L3-L4 vertebra.

Recovery: $200,000.00

Description: Our client sustained multiple injuries as an unrestrained passenger in a car accident. This complex case required stacking multiple policies together and an in depth of review of the client’s injuries in order to attribute them to the accident and recover damages.

Recovery: $100,000.00

Description: Policy limits received for client after client sustained back injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Recovery: Policy Limits Awarded

Description: A negligent motorist hit a child crossing the street. Insurance carrier disputed liability before eventually releasing the policy limits.

Recovery: Confidential Amount

Description: A young child tragically had her toe torn from her foot during a boating accident. The case was heavily contested and litigated but settled for a confidential amount.

*Results do not predict the future of any case, no two cases are alike. These only show the past results our Firm has received for our clients. Contact us for more information.

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