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Negligent Maintenance of Premises

What is a negligent maintenance of properties case


Whether you live in the city of Atlanta or are a business owner, you have a duty to maintain your property in a way that it is free from hazards that could cause injury to a visitor. If you fail to maintain your property in this way and a person is injured, you could face litigation.


Any person who owns property is tasked with the job of keeping that property safe. If a person has some type of accident on your property and it can be proven that you did not adequately maintain the property, they could sue you for negligent maintenance of premises. When the person is able to prove that your negligence led to the accident and that accident was a direct cause of their injuries, you may be legally ordered to pay the victim compensation for medical bills and more.


For example: You own a business and know that there is a crack in the walkway leading to your front door. You fail to repair the crack and someone trips over it and falls. That person breaks their arm as they land on the ground and files a lawsuit. The judge could order you to pay for the victim’s medical bills, as well as other damages.


On the other hand, say that it has just snowed and someone slips and falls on your driveway. If you have not had a reasonable amount of time to clear the driveway of snow and ice, you may not be held liable for compensation.
When a person sustains an injury on the premises of another person, an experienced attorney can assist the person in determining whether they have the elements necessary for a successful personal injury case.