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Personal Injury Insurance

In the city of Atlanta, personal injury insurance is a type of rider for auto coverage. Personal injury protection, or PIP, protects people who are injured in accidents. Many people believe that if they have health insurance, they do not need personal injury insurance. The truth is that personal injury insurance can cover what health insurance doesn’t. It can also help cover health insurance deductibles and pay if you incur costs that are over your coverage limits.

Personal injury insurance, or personal injury protection, can help pay more than just medical bills. It may cover your lost wages if you cannot work for a period of time as a result of your accident. It can cover the costs that you need to undertake if you have to hire someone to clean your house or care for your children. It can also help to cover funeral expenses if the victim of an auto accident dies as a result of their injuries.

In some states, personal injury insurance is required by law. This is not the case in Georgia where the coverage is optional. Even though drivers in Georgia do not have to purchase this type of coverage, experts advise that it is a good type of coverage to purchase.

If you are injured in a car accident, you want to be sure your bills are taken care of in a way that you don’t have to sacrifice the health and well-being of your family due to financial constraints. PIP can cover bills while a personal injury attorney is working on your personal injury case.