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Tree Fall

What is a tree fall case


When a person is injured by a falling tree, they often wonder if it is considered an act of nature or if they can hold someone responsible. There are close to 100 fatalities each year attributed to trees falling on people or vehicles. In other cases, serious injuries can occur.


To file and win a tree fall case, a victim must be able to prove that the owner of the property did not maintain it appropriately. The victim must also be able to prove that the accident was a foreseeable one that had a likely result. It can be difficult to prove liability when it comes to tree fall cases.


There are several factors that will be looked at in a tree fall case. A judge will want to know whether the tree was there naturally or a part of planted landscape. The victim must show that they were on the property by invitation or through an order of business. The proximity of the tree to the sidewalk, driveway or roadway may also be taken into consideration.
Because there are so many factors that come into play in a tree fall case, anyone who sustains an injury due to a falling tree should consult an experienced attorney. There are thousands of trees in Atlanta and one could fall at any moment due to nature or poor maintenance. A victim of such an injury may be able to secure compensation for medical bills and more.