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As you continue to navigate around Atlanta and its suburbs, you might notice more and more roundabouts popping up. While roundabouts are not everyone’s favorite traffic feature, they do prevent accidents from happening. When it comes to being safe while using a roundabout, there are a few things you should know. Keep reading to learn more.

Keep It Slow

As you get closer to the roundabout, you need to make sure you approach it slowly. You never know if pedestrians or bicycle riders will be nearby or crossing the street. Roundabouts do not have stop signs but rather yield signs. If the roundabout has no other drivers in it or waiting at their yield signs, you can go. However, you need to make sure you have right of way.

Right of Way 

Many drivers get confused on what the right of way is and who has it in certain situations. The right of way is determined on a first come, first serve basis. Whoever is first on the road that you are on has the right of way. In a roundabout, the driver with the right of way is the driver who was at the yield sign first. You MUST give the right of way to the person who is in the roundabout first. If there is another driver already circling in the roundabout, they have the right of way.

Stay in the Correct Lane

 A huge misconception of turning into a roundabout is which lane to be in once you turn. You need to ensure that you stay within the markings of your current lane once you turn. This also goes for turning right or left at a red light. Staying within your lines is the best way to prevent an accident while turning either in a roundabout or at a regular red light. Make sure you do not stop or change lanes while in the middle of a roundabout, as this can and will cause an accident.

Turn Signals 

Using your turn signals is always a good practice. It is also the law. Failing to use your turn signals in general and in a roundabout can result in an accident and a traffic ticket if stopped by the police. Make sure you always use your turn signals, especially in a roundabout, to prevent a collision with another vehicle. Even though you and other drivers can tell you will be turning right or left, it is important to use your signal in case you are going straight through the roundabout rather turn turning right or left.


A lot of these tips can be used in everyday driving, not just with roundabouts. However, it is extremely important to remember to practice driving safely rather than be sorry. These are just a few tips to remember when driving through roundabouts and on the main road. If you or anyone you know has been injured as a result of a collision in a roundabout, give our car accident attorneys a call at 1-844-428-4529 or text us at 770-766-3308.